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Recent Coverage

  • “MyEnergy aims to help consumers make small, daily differences by taking control of — and saving money on — their personal energy usage. ”
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    Boston Business Journal

  • “As for homeowners, they can look forward to possibly much lower utility bills and a free month of potato chips. Life could be worse.”
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    US News & World Report

  • “MyEnergy CEO Ben Bixby's Eureka Moment Literally Involved A Light Bulb – The 29-year-old was carving out a career in international political affairs before he discovered a better use for his--and the world's--energy.”
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    Fast Company

  • “MyEnergy shows you what other homes like yours are paying so you can figure out if your bill is too high, too low, or just right.”
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  • “MyEnergy, a startup that’s built what it describes as a utility-agnostic way to collect, analyze and present energy data to homeowners, has a new utility client to test it out.”
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    Greentech Grid

  • “White House Energy Program ‘Green Button’ Quietly Lurches Forward – A Boston-based company claims to have quietly increased the availability of Green Button utilities data tenfold, from 30 million to 300 million customers.”
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    Talking Points Memo - Ideas Lab

  • “10 Ways You’re Wasting Money in 2013 – Heating and cooling when nobody's home.”
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    Main St.

  • “Green Gamification: the apps, sites, and people that are going to save our planet.”
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  • “It’s a great resource for learning how to cut your energy costs!”
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    Anderson Live

  • “The site’s secret sauce is based around the algorithms that can help users - and the site - gain access to utility data.”
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    The New York Times